This wiki currently has a chat, so the rules of it will be on this page.

Rule 1

Please respect others in the chat. Do not bully or harass anybody in the chat. This applies to both the chat and wiki rules. Doing this will result in an instant ban.

Rule 2

There is spamming allowed, but do not spam too much or else you will be kicked from the chat. Repeatedly doing this could result in a ban.

Unless there is only a maximum of 5 people in the chat, then you can spam.

Rule 3

Do not send links to innapropriate websites, images, or videos in the chat. This includes gore, porn, hentai, and etc. This applies to the wiki rules as well. You will be kicked for doing this, and then get banned if you continue.

Again, just like the wiki rules, only cropped images like the one on the right are allowed.
None of your business

Rule 4

There is swearing allowed, but there are certain words that you are not allowed to say. Here is a list of the words that can and cannot be said. 


Mild swear words such as Fuck, Shit, Bitch, Ass, etc.

Not Allowed:

Racist/offensive swear words such as Nigger, Cunt, Whore, Slut, etc.

The words that are not allowed will be replaced with a censor.


Go here: Chat Rules/Warnings