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why do you want to know, stalker?


December 7th


Ethan and some other people


Too many to put here.


Ethan (according to him)

Websites she's on

None. Because she's dead.

if you were looking for the page in the Le Miiverse Resource Wiki, go here:☆Girl

ChibiGirl108 is a user on deviantART. She is also Chibi☆Girl from Miiverse, but she left that site because of the crappy redesign. She also left deviantART for other reasons. She is also the founder of the Make Anything Wikia (this wiki).

ChibiGirl108 is dead. Well, technically she isn't, but now she's under a new and totally not fake name. Go here: TheCartoonGirl132

She is a huge fan Sgt. Frog, Object Shows, Total Drama (her extremely outdated obsession), and many more.

She's a skrub.

^ Wow, i was totally right about that.

She likes shipping. A lot.

Her drawings are crappy, so if you find any of the images below disturbing, that's why.

^ Definitely. At least i was somewhat smart back then.

She has many friends on the Internet, such as Ethan and some other people.

Links to other accountsEdit

They're all dead, so i removed them.

The Gallery of Randomness Cancer Edit

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