These are the rules of the wiki.

Even though this is called the "Make Anything" wiki, there are still some rules you need to follow.

Rule 1

This rule is very obvious; please respect everybody on this wiki. There is no bullying or harassing allowed. This applies to the chat rules and the wiki rules itself. Doing this will result in a block.

Rule 2

There is no vandalism allowed. Doing this will result in an instant block from this wiki.

Unless the page is allowed to be vandalised, such as Anyone can edit this page, then that's an exception.

Rule 3

Do not add any inappropriate images, websites, or videos to any pages, blog, or forum posts. This includes gore, porn, hentai, and etc. This applies to the chat rules as well. Doing this will result in deletion of the files, and the user(s) who uploaded them will get blocked.

None of your business

Unless if it's a cropped image, like the one on the right, then that's allowed, as long as anything from the chest down is cropped out. This only applies to porn and hentai, but it may apply to gore in some cases.

Rule 4

Please follow Wikia's Terms of Use. If you don't follow the Terms of Use, not only will you get blocked on this wiki, but you will be blocked all across the Wikia network as well.


Go to Rules of the Wiki/Warnings.